Meet our team for the 2019-2020 School Year!



African American female smiling with black top and blazer

 Khadijah Hankton
Head of School

Welcome Ms. Khadijah Hankton as Tarbiyah Academy’s new Head of School…Read More.


Primary Years Program


Kindergarten, Aisha Karachiwalla, email:

Kindergarten and First Grade AQI, Jannah Sanchez,

First Grade, Samirah Ali,

Second Grade, Debby Rashed, email:

Second Grade AQI, Interventionist, Hala Salama,

Third Grade, Alia Mahgoub, email:

Art Grades K – 3, Amina Rahman, email:

Third and Fourth Grades, Wafa Alnumri,

Fourth Grade, Nahla Aboushaara, email:

Art Grades 4 – 8, Fatima Khan, email:

Fifth Grade, Shabana Ahmed,

Fifth Grade AQI, Siddiq Ahmed, email:

Physical Education, Tasibur Hasan,

Teaching Assistant, Aya Karam, email:

Teaching Assistant, Madeha Mira, email:



Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades


Mathematics, Grades 6 – 8, Allison Lewis-Fleming,

Grades 6 -8, Fatima Ilyas, email:

Art Grades 6- 8, Fatima Khan, email:

Science, Grades 6 -8, Shaista Abbasi,

Grade 6 AQI, Siddiq Ahmed, email:

Grades 7-8 AQI, Hagar Ibrahim,  AQI Coordinator,

Physical Education, Tasibur Hasan,

Administrative Staff, AQI Coordinator, IB Coordinator, and Events Team

Events Team Member, Fatima Mateen, email:

Admissions Officer and Administrative Assistant, Ghada Elkordy,

IB Coordinator, Hagar Aboubakr,

AQI Coordinator, Hagar Ibrahim,

Events Team Member, Munaza Khan, email:

School Counselor, Zainab Jackson, email:

School Receptionist, Zareen Siddiqui, email: