We are super excited to announce our faculty and staff for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Administrative Team



Head of School Zara Khan - woman with headscarfDr. Zara Khan
Head of School

Welcome Dr. Zara Khan as Tarbiyah Academy’s new Head of School…Read More.


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Ms. Ghada Elkordy
Admissions Officer & Admin. Asst.

Ms. Ghada Elkordy continues with Tarbiyah Academy for the fourth year….Read more 

Smiling woman in beige scarf and brown topMs. Hagar Aboubakr
IB PYP Coordinator

Hagar Aboubakr is a dedicated and creative educator who strongly believes in Read More

KG – Grade 2 Homeroom Teachers

Image of woman with burgundy headscarfMs. Aisha Karachiwalla
KG PYP Teacher

Ms. Aisha Karachiwalla is proud to lead Tarbiyah Academy’s Kindergarten class for the fourth year, Masha’Allah…Read more  

Image of woman with white headscarf
Ms. Crystal Walcott
Grade 1 PYP Teacher & K-2 Team Lead

Ms. Crystal Walcott is proud to be continuing with Tarbiyah Academy for it’s fourth year.  A certified elementary school teacher…Read more 

Woman with blue headscarfMs. Heena Ali
Grade 2 PYP Teacher

Ms. Heena Ali, in her third year at Tarbiyah Academy, is an innovative, fun, and passionate educator with over five….Read more


Grade 3 – Grade 6 Homeroom Teachers

Woman in black headscarf and niqabMs. Samirah Ali
Grade 3 PYP Teacher

Ms. Samirah Ali is in her second year with Tarbiyah Academy.  She is a creative, determined, and driven educator who has a passion …Read more  

Image of woman with dark blue and white headscarfMs. Shabana Ahmed
Grade 4 PYP Teacher

Ms. Shabana Ahmed is in her third year at Tarbiyah Academy as a PYP Teacher.  Part of the school since its inception….Read more 

Image of woman with purple headscarf
Ms. Shaista Abbasi
Grade 5/6 PYP Teacher & 3rd – 6th Team Lead

Ms. Shaista Abbasi is proud to be with Tarbiyah Academy for it’s fourth year.  She comes to us with nine years of experience as an elementary teacher, including...Read more 

Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies Teachers

Smiling woman wearing maroon hijab (head scarf)Ms. Ihsan Ouda

K and 1st Grade Arabic, Qur’an, Islamic Teacher

Ms. Ihsan Ouda is proud to join Tarbiyah Academy. ...Read more

2nd Grade Arabic, Qur’an, Islamic Teacher
Image of woman with beige headscarfMs. Hagar Ibrahim
AQI Department Head
Grade 4 – 6 Arabic, Quran and Islamic Teacher

Ms. Hagar Ibrahim is in her third year at Tarbiyah Academy. She is an experienced educator who has taught Quran, Islamic Studies….Read more 

Art Teachers

Image of woman with floral headwrapMs. Nadia Janjua
Grade 5/6 Art Teacher

Ms. Nadia Janjua in her fourth year at Tarbiyah Academy brings joy and spiritual rejuvance to Art students at Tarbiyah Academy.  She’s a visual artist, architect, creative entrepreneur…Read more 

Image of woman with mint green headscarfMs. Ouafae Taame
KG – Grade 4 Art Teacher

Ms. Ouafae Taame (Wafa) is in her 2nd year with Tarbiyah Academy. She is a visual artist, 2D and 3D graphic designer, and digital print maker…Read more 

Support Staff

KG-2nd Teacher Assistant

Bio Coming Soon..

Image of woman with pale green scarf with leaf and floral designMs. Zareen Siddiqui
School Receptionist

Bio Coming Soon..

Man smiling with teal checked shirt

Mohammad El Alamy – Teacher Assistant


Woman with golden yellow headscarf

Ayesha Vohra – Teacher Assistant

Event Planning Team

Woman wearing multicolored headscarfMs.Uzma Shafi
Event Planner

Coming Soon…

Woman wearing white headscarf with floral design patternMs. Amal Ali
Event Planning Team & FTA Coordinator

Ms. Amal Ali is in her third year with Tarbiyah Academy. She has a true passion for event planning and interior decorating...Read more 

Woman wearing peach headscarf
Ms. Faiza Baig
Event Planner

Bio Coming Soon…