The uniform is a symbol of pride in, and identification with, Tarbiyah Academy. It also provides a standard of neatness and simplicity and modesty in dress. The uniform is a sign that the student is a member of the Tarbiyah Academy community and has a responsibility to that community. The way in which the uniform is worn, the state of repair, and the cleanliness of it reflect the respect a student has for himself or herself and for Tarbiyah Academy.

Tarbiyah Academy students are expected to dress in a way that demonstrates a positive self-image and an attitude of excellence in performance and achievement. As such, students are expected to be in full school uniform each day. Neatness, cleanliness, and modesty should be observed at all times.  Uniforms should also be worn on school-sponsored field trips unless otherwise specified in a written notification.

Uniforms are to be purchased from our approved uniform provider, Dennis Uniforms, either online at or at their retail location:

Dennis Uniforms
1110C N Rolling Rd, A,
Catonsville, MD 21228

To shop the approved selection online, enter Tarbiyah Academy as the school’s name or BT00TA as the school code.

School Uniforms can be a wonderful thing for students and parents.  They can also be a source of contention when parents and students do not follow school policy. Please help make our school uniform experience a positive one by following the simple policy we’ve outlined below.


Uniform Policy