Tarbiyah Academy will prepare students to live their lives according to the values and teachings of the Holy Qur’an by engaging them through language immersion, inquiry-based learning, and guided, group lessons. By combining the best of modern, research-based educational methodologies, and by using classical Islamic sources and texts, Tarbiyah’s highly-trained teachers will be uniquely suited to bridge the gap between acquiring religious knowledge and implementing it into daily life. All aspects of traditional learning in an Islamic environment will be incorporated in an age appropriate manner: Qur’anic morals, meanings, and stories (Qasas and tafsir), knowledge of Allah and His Oneness (Aqidah/tawheed), exemplary Muslim character (Akhlaq), piety and reliance on Allah (Taqwa), and selected memorization of key verses and surahs with explanation and tajweed.

To that end, TA has joined over 40 Islamic Schools in the nation in it’s adoption of the Islamic Studies National Standards.  These standards focus on the following strands:

  • Aqeedah, Fiqh & Akhlaaq
  • Quranic Studies
  • Seerah and Hadith
  • Islamic History

Each of the above strands outlines learning outcomes that are scaffolded from KG all the way to 6th grade.  Our Islamic Studies and Quran instruction is fully integrated into our Units of Inquiry allowing our students to learn about their faith, but more importantly, act upon their learning.