Tarbiyah Academy is Hiring!

As Salaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

Presently we have one opening for  academic year 2018-19:

We are presently hiring an Arabic-Qur’an-Islamic Studies Teacher for academic year 2018-19. 

This is a full-time, salaried position (benefits package available).  The AQI teacher teaches 14 periods weekly and collaborates with homeroom teachers in the thematic planning of Units of Inquiry.  Valuable applicants will have the following minimum qualifications:   

  • A bachelor’s degree or International equivalent  
  • Valid trained teacher’s certification OR completed teacher certification courses and in the process of attaining teacher certification OR  
  • Ijaza (Certification) in teaching and/or memorization of Qur’an with Tajweed  
  • Arabic fluency (and English fluency)    
  • Candidate must be eligible to work in the United States.  

INTERESTED PERSONS: Please send cover letter and CV to Dr. Zara Khan, Head of School: 


Strong applicants to any of the open positions ideally demonstrate:

* Commitment to student-centered, project-based learning

* Strong written and verbal communication skills, good interpersonal skills and an ability to work with diverse groups of students

* Sound understanding of technologies that support educational development and current with technology developments

Tarbiyah Academy values and strives to promote the following personal qualities among students, teachers and staff:

* A demonstrated and genuine liking and appreciation of children

* Attention to detail

* Inclusion

* Flexibility and adaptability

* Resilience

* A sense of humor

* High standards and expectations

* Good listening skills

Download job description.