Qur’an Master Class:

Image of open Qur'an with prayer beads - heading Qur'an Master Class

Tarbiyah Academy presents the online Arabic and Qu’ran Masterclass Program. The Masterclass Program will condense four, 30-minute lessons, into two sessions per week lasting 60 minutes each, to develop a love for the lifelong learning of the book of Allah and the Arabic language. Placement to each level and advancement between levels will be required through regular assessments and feedback.

Schedule for 2021-2022 School Year Coming Soon. 



      • $300 / per student for the Qur’an course
      • $300/ per student for the Arabic course
      • $550/ per student who registers for both courses.
Program Point of Contact and Supervisor:
      • Ms. Hagar Ibrahim
      • Zelle: quranmaster@tarbiyahacademy.org
      • Paypal: quranmaster@tarbiyahacademy.org
Program Calendar:

The program will follow TA Calendar.