Grades 7 – 8 AQI Coordinator 

I’m so proud to be part of Tarbiyah Academy for my fifth year. I am an experienced and certified educator who has taught Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies for the past 16 years to adults and children. I graduated from AL-Azhar and attended Dar-Al-Alloum in Egypt where I got my bachelor’s degree in Arabic language and Islamic Studies. I have my master degree in Qur’anic Science 2017, and the other one in Islamic Law (Shari’aah) 2020. I have the highest certificate (Ijazah) in Qur’an memorization in both Hafs and Warsh narration.
Some of the learner profiles that I feel it is really attached to me are inquirer and knowledgeable, I love learning, and this is the most thing I enjoy in my life. What is inspire me the most is how many times that Allah and his messenger mentioned the reward of seeking the knowledge, and how seeking knowledge is obligatory upon each Muslim. What I love about Tarbiyah and makes it a unique school is the encouragement of the teacher creativity, and the focus on building the students characters. Fun fact about me; I have four kids, three of them are TA students. I have learned 4  different language; Arabic, Germany, Japanese, and English.