Conferences for 2023-2024 School Year

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Like with many things at Tarbiyah Academy, Conferences are not run in the traditional sense that most parents are used to.  Conferences are a tool for student, parent, and teacher reflection. As such, there are two different conference formats used:

  • Three-way Conferences: Term 1 conferences are 3-way conferences.  Three way conferences include the participation of teachers, parents, and students.  In a 3-way conference, the teacher facilitates a conversation with the student and the parent focusing on the student’s portfolio.  Students and teachers after each UOI select assessments that show growth, best work, and/or feature a skill.  Students, along with teachers reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, and Learner Profile attribute that they exhibited when working on these assessments.  These reflections are included in the student’s portfolio.  It’s important to note that 3-way conferences are not focused on the grades/comments in the report card.  The main focus of the conference is to reflect on learning and to set goals for future growth.
  • Student-Led Conferences:  Term 2 conferences are student-led.  Similar to 3-way conferences, the main focus of student-led conferences is to reflect on learning and to set goals for future growth.  The difference between student-led and 3-way conferences is the level of student agency. In a student-led conference, students, not the teacher lead the conversation.  Students prepare for these conferences during Term 2 and look forward to sharing their work and reflections with parents.  Depending on the classroom, students might lead parents through a tour of the classroom and their portfolio of work.  Students discuss with parents what their strengths, challenges, and next steps are.  Depending on the class, parents might also be asked to write a goal along with their child and teacher during Student-Led Conferences. As such, parental participation is paramount.Parent-Teacher Conferences are not an appropriate avenue to discuss student grades on specific summative assignments.  The report card is detailed enough to provide families with enough information on specific student learning outcomes as well as reasonings for grades.

If parents have questions that cannot be covered in the conference, they are welcome to email the teacher or schedule a separate appointment.