the-morning-assemblyMorning assembly is a very important part of the day at Tarbiyah Academy.

  • Lead by a different grade each day, the school starts the day with the morning atkhar and duaa (supplications and Qur’anic recitations).  Morning Atkhar & Duaa
  • After which we update the school’s Islamic Calendar date and students recite the Student Vow of Conduct.
  • At the end of assembly, we all sign the IB Learner Profile Song to remind us that exhibiting the 10 attributes of the Learner Profile helps us all be International Minded Muslims.

Special Assemblies are done every Wednesday. Each grade is assigned a special assembly slot in which they can exhibit their understanding of the Learner Profile Attribute of the Month.

The Learner Profile of the Month is as follows:

  • September – Principled
  • October – Inquirer
  • November – Caring
  • December – Thinker
  • January – Open-minded
  • February – Reflective
  • March – Communicator
  • April – Knowledgeable
  • May – Risk Taker
  • June – Balanced