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Tarbiyah Academy is a K-8th Grade American Leadership School, with an authorized Primary Years International Baccalaureate Program located in Howard County, Maryland



Vision & Mission

Tarbiyah’s Board of Directors have developed a vision and mission that will penetrate every aspect of the school’s life. Read more..

Our Progress

Tarbiyah Academy opened its doors September 2015 in Howard County. See our plans and schedule from now until the first day of classes! Read more..

Educational Philosophy

Read about class size, instructional practices at Tarbiyah Academy. Read more..

Tarbiyah Academy's Goals & Objectives:
  • To provide an accelerated academic program that encourages students to perform well above grade level
  • International academic program and teaching methodology
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) curriculum emphasis
  • Achievement of national accreditation and recognition
  • Strengthen children’s Islamic core by focusing on Quranic understanding and memorization
  • Encouragement of a strong Muslim identity in each child