Teacher Hiring Process


Phase 1: Online Application

Potential teachers and staff will apply online via https://tarbiyahacademy.com/teacher-application/   Candidates who apply early will have the best chance of securing contracts for the 2023-2024 school year. You may also submit cover letter and resume directly to Head Of School Ms. Hagar Aboubakr at hagaraboubakr@tarbiyahacademy.org .


Completed applications will be reviewed by TA’s Head of School for evidence of TA Values, professional skills, relevant experience, certification and highly qualified (HQ) status, and academic record. Applicants who are determined to be a fit for the district will move onto Phase 2.

NOTE: Because of the high volume of applications, only candidates who have been short-listed will be contacted.


Phase 2: Entry into Application Pool

Candidates who successfully pass the application and file review process will enter the ready to staff hiring pool. Response times may vary depending on the volume of applicants. Only those candidates who have made it to Phase 2 will receive emailed instructions to:

  • Complete a questionnaire which also acts as a writing sample.
  • Submit sample lesson plans, yearly plans, and assessed student work.

The Head of School will review the candidates’ submission and recommend applicants to move onto Phase 3.

Phase 3: Head of School Interviews

Applicants who successfully make it to Phase 3 will be emailed by the Head of School to conduct interviews.  Candidate interviews can last anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours depending on the quality of the applicant.  Face to face interviews will be conducted with local applicants while Skype based interviews will be conducted with out-of-state or international applicants.

Phase 4: IB Coordinator & Teaching Team Interview 

Candidates who successfully make it through Phase 3 will attend a face to face interview with the school’s IB Coordinator and/or a member of our teaching team.  At this point, Tarbiyah Academy will also contact the candidates references.  Through this phase, applicants will get a chance to meet the IB Coordinator and/or a current teacher at Tarbiyah Academy.  This will allow candidates to ask questions related to Tarbiyah Academy’s work environment.

Phase 5: Teaching a Lesson

Successful candidates who make it to Phase 5 will be required to teach a lesson at Tarbiyah Academy.  During this lesson, the candidate teacher will be observed to see the effectiveness of his/her teaching methodology and philosophy.

Phase 6: Offer and Verification of Hire

Successful candidates who make it to this final phase of the hiring process will get an email confirming Tarbiyah Academy’s intent to hire.  The Head of School will conduct the final offer stage, including benefits and contract signing.

  • Candidates wishing to accept an offer will be required to submit a signed Letter of Intent electronically.
  • Candidates will then be asked to go through a background & fingerprinting check.
  • Once a successful background & fingerprinting check has been conducted, the candidate will receive an employment contract from Tarbiyah Academy.
  • Once the candidate signs the contract, Tarbiyah Academy will confirm the status of the hire.

For further questions on the hiring process, please email info@tarbiyahacademy.org