4th Grade Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies

Yousaf Seyal was born and raised on the East Coast. In his teenage years, Yousaf travelled to Damascus where he studied Arabic and Islamic Studies. As a result of the Arab Spring, Yousaf continued his studies at Zaytuna College where he majored in Islamic Law and Theology ’17, and then pursued an MA in Islamic Law ’20.Yousaf’s experience in working with children returns to his familial role as the oldest sibling of seven. In a professional capacity, he has attended summer camp, taught Sunday school, and worked for several Islamic Schools. Yousaf strives to be caring, as he is service-oriented, and believes in giving his time to others as his teachers gave him personal time and attention. He is also inquisitive and likes to learn from people’s perspectives and experiences. Otherwise, Yousaf enjoys traveling, socializing, cafe hopping, photography, and considers himself a mangoholic.