Ms. Aisha Karachiwalla is proud to lead Tarbiyah Academy’s Kindergarten class for the third year, Masha’Allah! A graduate of the University of Maryland (BA Psychology), she has Maryland state certification in Early Childhood Education and a Masters level Certification in teaching English as a Second Language. Her emphasis on the “young child” has given her many opportunities to help foster the early foundations for learning. Ms. Karachiwalla’s educational philosophy promotes her belief that every child has the ability and potential to learn and develop into an individual with his or her own unique talents. As an educator, she strives to assist and guide her students towards the path of learning by providing them with a variety of experiences, techniques and strategies which can be utilized throughout their lives. She is a caring teacher who creates a nurturing and comfortable environment that will promote a lifelong joy of learning in the lives of young children today, tomorrow and many years from now.Contact her via email at akarachiwalla [at] tarbiyahacademy [dot] org.