As a pioneering teacher beginning my eighth year at Tarbiyah Academy it has been an amazing journey exploring and discovering the many ways students learn and grow in an environment where lifelong learning is fostered. As a graduate of the University of Maryland with a Master’s in Language Acquisition and Teaching English as a Second Language, I also hold a Bachelor’s in Psychology with an emphasis on the young child as well as earning my Maryland state certification in Early Childhood Education. My emphasis on the “young child” has given me many opportunities to help nurture the early foundations for learning in young children. I believe every child has the ability and potential to learn and develop into an individual with his or her own unique talents. As an educator, I strive to assist and guide my students towards the path of learning by providing them with various experiences, techniques, and strategies that can be enriched throughout their lives to promote a love for learning. Through these adventures in learning it is my goal to create a nurturing environment that will promote a lifelong joy of learning in the lives of young children today, tomorrow, and many years from now.

Tarbiyah Academy is a unique environment where both children and adults grow and learn from each other establishing a sense of community with strength, courage, and commitment to ourselves, the community and most importantly the teachings of our prophet (SAW). It is with great pride that I am a member of a team where the daily routines of life, work and family are encouraged to be balanced with the sunnah and Aqedah of our Deen.

Always wanting to explore and discover new things I am an INQUIRER with a curious mind REFLECTING on the beauty of the world that surrounds us. I enjoy learning about everything from bugs to the planets and through questioning and observation enjoy exploring endless possibilities to find answers. I am also a Risk-Taker because I like trying most new things, I love to ride rollercoasters, go white-water rafting and bungee-jumping. My favorite pass-time is cuddling with my kids and watching Disney movies and Harry Potter while eating mint chocolate ice cream.