It’s Official: We’re Different!

It may seem as though we’ve been a little quiet lately, but here at TA headquarters it’s been anything but! Summer’s out and fall is in, and that means school is back in swing… With so many new faces!

This year, TA welcomes a student body increase of over fifty percent, and six new additions to the faculty. Our young learners are well into their first Unit of Inquiry with this term’s chosen unit “Wo We Are”, and one of the concepts our students are exploring in depth relates to how our choices impact our society. I would like to take a moment to reflect on some important choices TA made that resulted in a MAJOR success this week.

Mission Driven

Tarbiyah Academy approaches education differently. The incredible amount of collaboration between our faculty allows for a true transdisciplinary curriculum, meaning that it focuses on issues that go across subject areas. Do you remember ever struggling to frame spiritual concepts into practical application? Did you ever have to “switch gears” from math-mode to language-mode, or perhaps recalibrate between homework time and Qur’an memorization time? TA learners accomplish this seamlessly, because the same concepts are taught throughout their various subjects, and they make connections where others thought they didn’t exist. That’s one example of the TA difference.

One of the many blessings of choosing an independent school is mission-driven education. The founders of TA were parents and educators with high aspirations and standards, looking to build a program from the ground up that preserved every aspect of a shared educational philosophy. The founders chose International Baccalaureate-PYP as the model for Tarbiyah for these very reasons.

Uniquely Excellent

This week, TA hosted our IBO Consultant. The consultant worked remotely with our instructional leadership team since last year, preparing us for this rigorous two-day assessment to determine if we were prepared to advance from an IB Candidate school phase to achieving full IB Authorization. Knowing that the typical time frame for this averages three years, we were hopeful that all the necessary elements were in place to keep us on track. The consultant interviewed parents, teachers, board members, and considered every aspect of the school during her visit.

At the end of the visit, Tarbiyah Academy was not just on track. We were recommended for a fast-tracked placement to full authorization potentially within THIS current academic year! Apart from the initial excitement and jubilation from the whole team, the level of excellence required for a fast-tracked recommendation from the IBO is truly staggering.

Be a Part of the Change

Two of our strongest assets remain the trust and enthusiasm of our supporters, parents, and donors have shown over these past two remarkable years. Our students are known for their confidence, love of life and passion for learning, and the strong community bonds they share. None of this is possible without the generous contributions our donors have made in the past, and continue to make.

If you have been looking for a passionate, grass-roots organization that has delivered on past promises, and continues to reach for something greater for the advancement of American Muslims, especially during these times of uncertainty, then I implore you make giving to Tarbiyah Academy your priority now. If you have not donated in the past, do it today. If you have donated, maximize the benefit by becoming a monthly donor.

I pray that the world our children inherit is brighter, richer, and full of opportunities. I pray that everyone reading this message derives benefit from it, and shares in the many blessings that have been shown to us through the works of our community and the Divine Mercy of our Creator. And I pray that we seek only that which truly lasts from our shared journey on this planet.

With Warmest Salams,