Ramadan Kareem

Asalamu’alaikum wa Rahmat’Allahi wa barakatuhu,

We enter this month of Ramadan with nothing other than the enormous favor and Mercy of Allah SWT upon us, and this year our Tarbiyah family prayer is that every family experience the sweetness of faith during these days of fasting and nights of worship, Ameen.

Last Ramadan–almost exactly one year ago–the Board of Tarbiyah made a sincere pledge to open the only Islamically-oriented Elementary school in the region with a goal of achieving an International Baccalaureate candidacy. In the past one year, we have made incredible progress at an unprecedented rate. We have today:

  • A facility undergoing extensive renovation around the clock
  • An experienced and inspirational Head of School tirelessly planning for Opening Day
  • A growing body of eager students and parents
  • A team of highly qualified teachers on board

Our goal for this Ramadan is to raise $150,000 to ensure the entire facility is constructed by mid-August, without any delays and without crippling the school with debt before opening day. This amount is very acheivable with Allah’s Will, and with the resources in our community. The Board of Tarbiyah is sponsoring several events during this month at various masajid to promote the school and our vision.

Dear brothers and sisters… The time is now. This is the call of the hour. This is what we have put forth as a trust in front of you and in front of Allah SWT. May He accept our efforts and soften our hearts. May we realize the truth of the Qur’an when we are told:


You shall never attain to true piety unless you spend on others out of what you love;
and whatever you spend – verily, God has full knowledge thereof.


May this Ramadan be the one when we heard the needs of our communities brothers and sisters, and answered their call from what we love–our wealth. Take five minutes of your time and earn a Sadaqah Jariyah:

WIth Peace and Blessings,

Tarbiyah Academy Board of Directors