PYP 3rd Grade Teacher

 Ms. Ahmed has more than a decade of experience working with children in classroom settings and small group tutoring.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology with a concentration in life sciences and will be continuing her studies, by the permission of Allah.  Ms. Ahmed chose Tarbiyah Academy due to the unique holistic Islamic studies program offered at our institution.  The IB PYP program enables all teachers and staff to work collaboratively on the goal of refracting the Light of Islam within each academic sphere.  It is our goal that teaching academic subjects from within the abstract Key Concepts of Islam will empower not only our scholars but simultaneously all our intersecting communities, simultaneously. Insha’Allah. 
Ms. Ahmed feels that she can connect to our mission and contribute something of use to our wonderful plethora of teaching and administrative talents here at Tarbiyah Academy.  She believes that she connects most with the IB Learner Profile Attributes of Principled, Reflecting, and Communicating.  She indulges in pastimes such as jewelry-making, poetry-writing, and having long religious debates with her husband (May Allah reward him for his patience).  We welcome Ms.Ahmed to Taribyah Academy and hope that she will soon find herself skilled in the Islamic arts of Tarbiyah Tiger-training, for Tarbiyah Tigers are preparing to be the next generation of Muslim leaders contributing to the welfare and advancement of not only our beloved nation, the U.S.A., but also our Global communities, as well.