Ms. Ahmed has more than a decade’s worth of cumulative teaching and tutoring experience. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology and hopes to pass on her passion for Islamic Studies and Social Advocacy to her Social Studies students, Bi’itnillah. Ms. Ahmed chose Tarbiyah Academy due to the unique holistic Islamic studies program offered at our institution. Alhamdulillah, the IB programme offers a unique opportunity for all teachers and staff to work collaboratively to refract the Light of Islam within every single academic discipline taught at our school. It is our goal to use the IB Key Concepts to empower our students with a thorough understanding of all the ways that Islamic principles intersect with other areas of knowledge. Ms. Ahmed feels that she can connect to our mission and contribute something of use to our wonderful plethora of teaching and administrative talents here at Tarbiyah Academy.

Ms. Ahmed’s dream is to help students feel spiritually empowered so that they will become even more capable of spreading peace and hope in the midst of a chaotic and war-torn world. Her teaching philosophy centers around her firm belief that Allah has given each student a special purpose along with a unique set of hidden gifts with which to accomplish these special ‘peace missions’. She believes that she connects most with the IB Learner Profile Attributes of Principled, Reflecting, and Communicating. She enjoys pastimes such as jewelry-making, poetry-writing, exploring nature and having long religious debates with her husband (may Allah reward him for his patience).

We welcome Ms.Ahmed back at Taribyah Academy and hope that she will continue to refine her skills in the Islamic arts of Tarbiyah Tiger-training. Afterall Tarbiyah Tigers are destined to be the next generation of Muslim leaders leading positive social change here in our beloved nation. We pray Ms. Ahmed will enjoy training empathetic leaders that can impart social justice, equity, and compassion not only in the United States, but across all our intersecting global communities, In’sha’Allah.