Teacher Job Description


Position: Elementary PYP Teacher KG – Grade 5


Tarbiyah Academy will strive to hire highly qualified motivated Muslim teachers that are certified in and dedicated to their profession. Because our future faculty and staff associates will be vital and valued members of the Tarbiyah Academy Family, we plan on offering them an inspiring and a rewarding teacher stimulating environment. Our teachers will be representatives of Tarbiyah Academy at all times and must be committed to promote Islamic morals, values and methodology in the classroom.

We seek to hire a diverse set of teachers to cater to the changes taking place in our social demographics. There are numerous languages spoken in Maryland and teachers all over the nation work with students and parents from many different cultures. Teachers themselves are students of culture and therefore we want teachers who will create a classroom environment that celebrates various ethnic traditions and cultural values.



What will a Teacher at Tarbiyah Academy Be Expected To Do?

The following is a general description of Tarbiyah Academy’s expectations of our teachers.

Function: To deliver the IB Primary Years Program at the designated grade level/subject area, within the values, beliefs, and philosophy of Tarbiyah Academy.
Reports to: Head of School
Minimum Qualifications: Tarbiyah Academy teachers need to have the following minimum qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent (as determined by an independent agency authorized to evaluate foreign credentials)
  • Valid trained teacher’s certification (either general certification or in the case of a specialist, in their field) OR
  • Completed teacher certification courses and is in the process of attaining teacher certification.
  • Native English speakers (Homeroom Teachers ONLY)
  • US Citizenship or Green Card Holder.  Candidate must be able to work in the United States.
Terms: An Elementary PYP Teacher is required to work in accordance with the Tarbiyah Calendar, salary, benefits, and work hours as specified in the contract and internal agreements.
Responsibilities: Pedagogy:Employing effective pedagogy that enables children to become successful life-long learners who can become future leaders of their communities by:

  • Empowering children to become or prepare to be independent learners, not relying on the teacher as the only source of information
  • Encouraging students to be critical thinkers, involving students actively in pursuing open–ended and relevant units of inquiry, and maintaining a supportive climate for the needs of native and second language learners
  • Being clear about WHAT is being taught, WHY it’s being taught, and HOW will it be taught
  • Using formative and summative assessment information to plan progression for differing needs of learners in the class
  • Providing high quality scaffolding and timely, effective feedback to students on their work
  • Encouraging children to reflect on their learning
  • Engaging children in the co-construction of their learning progression: What have I learned? Why am I learning it? How do I learn best?
  • Involving parents in their children’s learning through 3-way conferencing, Student led conferencing, and regular parent teacher dialogue.
  • Employing and integrating technology as a tool that improves learning
  • Planning collaboratively, in the context of the Tarbiyah Academy curriculum, to build on student knowledge and expertise, develop significant units of inquiry, accommodate a range of ability levels and emphasize connections between curriculum areas
  • Seamlessly integrating Islamic values and knowledge into the PYP Units of Inquiry.  Islamic values and knowledge should also be clearly integrated in daily teaching and learning across all content areas


  • Demonstrating a high level of relevant curriculum knowledge, especially in areas of literacy and numeracy
  • Incorporating “soft” skills into the curriculum such as thinking, reflection, time management, organization, perseverance…etc.
  • Preparing and presenting informative reports to parents and other stakeholders as required
  • Teaching all areas of the Primary Years Programme
  • Working with colleagues to vertically align curriculum from K to 5 to ensure continuity and progression in the curriculum

Teacher Learning and Development:

  • Actively engaging in teacher learning and development.  Willingness to participate in Tarbiyah Academy’s Professional Development Grant Program that provides teachers with high quality IB training as well as other training
  • Continually seeking to improve learning and teaching strategies
  • Engaging in opportunities to improve personal ICT skills in order to provide a better integration of technology in the classroom
  • Actively engaging in the school’s authorization and accreditation procedures

Ensuring an orderly and supportive environment:

  • Participating in and supporting the school’s positive behavior policy and general ethos of respect for all
  • Ensuring that the organization or resources and the classroom environment are optimum for learning

Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Offering at least one extra curricular activity each week
  • Being involved in Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance the school experience for learners
  • Participating in Residential excursions and field trips as required
  • Undertaking daily out-of-class duties as required

What Personal Qualities Would an Ideal Tarbiyah Academy Teacher Have?


  • Practical understanding of effective teaching and learning strategies
  • Theoretical understanding of effective teaching and learning strategies
  • Understanding and knowledge of principles and practices of differentiation



  • A demonstrated and genuine affection and appreciation of children
  • Attention to detail
  • Inclusive
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Resilient
  • Sense of humor
  • High standards and expectations
  • Motivated



We are looking for someone who can:

  • Establish and maintain good relationships with colleagues, learners, and parents
  • Communicate effectively in Standard English, orally and in writing
  • Deal effectively and non-confrontationally with learners and staff
  • Positively influence others
  • Listen actively
  • Motivate and engage with colleagues