Stds Based Report Cards Image

In an effort to help our parents navigate through the reporting process, we created a document that explains each section of our standards based report card: Understanding the PYP Report Card

The IB report card gives you a road map of the standards your student is working on at each grade level. At first glance you may feel it looks a little overwhelming or dense. As a parent your first reaction may be to skip to the comments and find out what your student’s teacher has to say about him/her. What ever you choose to do is up to you. However, this report card gives you an opportunity to look closely at the grade level requirements and your child’s journey towards exceeding expectations.

Should your child have EE-8s in every area? Absolutely not.

Every child meets or exceeds expectations on a different day at a different time, or quite possibly a different year. The expectation with standards is that it’s a journey not a race. A first grader doesn’t have to have all EEs to move on to second grade. The way we teach today allows for teachers to use this information to meet the student where they are at in their learning and move them along accordingly.