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Khadijah Hankton

Head of School


As salaamu’Alaikum wa Rahmat’Allahi wa Barakatahu!

It is with an abundance of joy that I join Tarbiyah Academy as Head of School for the 2019-2020 academic school year insha’Allah. The mission and vision of Tarbiyah Academy directly align with my educational philosophy, Islamic morals, and spiritual principles. I am genuinely excited to have the opportunity to lead a school filled with amazing students, talented staff, and dedicated parents. As a school leader, I place the best interests of students at the forefront of all decisions. Creating a joyful, rigorous, Islamic learning environment where children are treated with love, kindness, and respect are my focus.

Partnered on this journey, we unite to prepare students to be young American Muslim leaders, life-long learners, and productive citizens. I am committed to ensuring that Tarbiyah Academy is an inquiry-based learning environment where students own their learning daily and assume the cognitive lift. It is my goal that we continue to cultivate and develop students’ Islamic knowledge, intellectual skills, and abilities. At Tarbiyah Academy, we aim to foster the development of responsible and faithful 21st-century learners.

Over the last few weeks, I have spent much of my time meeting with teachers, support staff, and students to learn more about their hopes and dreams for Tarbiyah Academy. I have also had the pleasure of meeting more parents. It is clear that Tarbiyah Academy is a community where everyone is committed and dedicated to a shared mission of building strong Islamic moral character, academic excellence, and global- mindedness.

Out of the 96 students surveyed, 98% shared that they are pleased with the way they are treated by their teachers. 95% of students surveyed stated that they feel, their teachers really care about them! Alhamdulillah, Tarbiyah Academy is a community of committed staff and parents that strive to provide the best for students! I intend to continue these efforts by ensuring that Tarbiyah Academy remains a school where students are challenged with rigorous instruction and encounter joyful learning experiences through the International Baccalaureate transdisciplinary Primary Years Programme. Our Middle School program will offer alignment to National content standards across an array of subject areas and include a robust Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies program to equip students to excel in any academic setting.

Today’s world demands that each individual can think critically and communicate in a technology-driven society.

As Head of School, I will support student learning and offer all students the educational opportunities that will maximize their potential in this changing world as American Muslims. In the 15 years that I have served as an educator, IB Coordinator, Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal and administrator in both elementary and middle schools, I have learned that students thrive and grow in environments where there is a united community, sharing the same mission, emphasizing rigorous instruction, and equally prioritizing the social-emotional development of students.

Choosing a school for your child/children requires a multifaceted selection process. It is critical to ensure that students’ experiences encourage, motivate, and equip them to be influential Muslim leaders who understand their moral responsibility to make the world a better place. Thank you for entrusting our school with your rising scholar’s Islamic and Academic education.

I look forward to preserving that which has positively impacted the school community while striving to increase student outcomes and overall school effectiveness. At Tarbiyah Academy, we protect and encourage the innate love of learning within each child. I look forward to meeting with you and getting to know each of your scholars!

JazakAllahu khayr.

With appreciation,

Khadijah Hankton

Head of School

Tarbiyah Academy

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