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My journey in the education field began over 10 years ago when I became a tutor for Club LEAP. I have tutored multiple grade levels after school and during the summer in subjects such as Science, Math, English, and Spanish. In 2019, I officially stepped into a full-time teaching role and immediately fell in love — many thanks to the most wonderful group of second graders. As each year passes, I continue to evolve and explore different ways in which I can be an effective teacher and meet the needs of the diverse learners in my classroom. My goal is to have my students trust me to be their educational advocate and remember me years down the line as an important part of their journey.

I am a graduate of UMBC with a Bachelors in Health Administration and Policy. I completed my teaching certification in Elementary Education (1-6). 

The two Learner Profile attributes that I embody the most are Principled and Reflective. I believe that teaching is not only a job but a crucial role in our Ummah, one we must fulfill with our purest intentions. Therefore, it is important for me to always be principled and act with integrity and honesty. I also find myself to be reflective as I further my knowledge and grow as an educator. We hold the keys to our future and I am always in pursuit of making myself more effective in whatever role I hold.  

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and doodling away with henna. 

I look forward to meeting you all soon and an exciting school year ahead!