Tarbiyah Academy Head of School Job Description


Tarbiyah Academy (TA) is a newly-formed, innovative Islamic school in Howard County, MD, that features the academically rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) Program. The school will open September 2015, and will serve students in grades KG-5. TA will be uncompromising in its quest for educational and moral excellence. The TA board is seeking a Head of School (HOS) to help lead this effort.

This opportunity offers incredible freedom for innovation in developing high-quality Islamic-based education lacking in many of our communities. The Board is looking for a Muslim educator candidate who is motivated, resourceful and innovative to serve as the HOS. The HOS will lead the development and operations of a school that will nurture each student academically, spiritually and emotionally; will develop the foundation of a successful, rewarding life; and will empower students to achieve their dreams. TA desires a leader who is able to facilitate learning that is based on Islamic morals and values. The HOS will be a representative of TA at all times and must be committed to promoting Islamic-based teachings and methodology throughout the school.

The HOS will have the exciting opportunity to set strategic direction, establish operations, guide curriculum development, and select the team that will set new standards for excellence in years to come. The HOS will report directly to the Board of Directors, and will be ultimately responsible for all educational and administrative tasks of the academy. We seek a strong leader with the skills and work ethic to execute tasks in a professional and timely manner; and the confidence and capacity to achieve in an environment where expectations are high. The HOS is encouraged but not required to have IB training and the ability to seamlessly integrate into the school’s education program.


School Start-up Duties:

The HOS will work closely with the Board of Directors and an assistant to develop and perfect the school’s vision, and cultivate a plan for its implementation. Duties will include:

  • Assisting the Board in recruiting a high-performance team of quality teachers.
  • Assisting in creating pedagogy standards.
  • Developing necessary policies and procedures.
  • Leading TA through licensing and accreditation processes.
  • Assisting in recruiting initial class of students.
  • Assuring that infrastructure is in place to successfully operate the school.


Ongoing duties:

Once the academy is commissioned, the HOS will lead the organization and assure that it performs at the highest levels. Ongoing duties will include:

  • Selecting and managing personnel wisely, setting and achieving high expectations.
  • Attending to operational details of the school.
  • Implementing and enforcing policies and procedures.
  • Overseeing academic matters. Ensuring that curriculum remains relevant and rigorous, and that all teaching is aligned to the school’s pedagogy standards.
  • Receiving and offering professional development training.
  • Ensuring that the student experience is balanced, rewarding and opportunity-filled.
  • Providing regular reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Developing recruitment targets and maintaining effective recruitment of students.
  • Ensuring that the academy complies will all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Representing the academy through participation in professional organizations and presentations at conferences, publications, interaction with parents and the greater community, and other advancement opportunities.



  • Leadership style that is hands-on yet inspirational.
  • Willingness to take calculated risks.
  • Commitment to innovation in education.
  • Uncompromising ethical standards.
  • Passion for teaching and learning.
  • Loyalty to students, employees, and the organization.
  • Excellent communicator.
  • Comfortable with cloud-based technologies.
  • Commitment to professionalism with staff, parents and students.



  • Master’s degree in related field. PhD or EdD preferred.
  • Leadership experience in elementary and middle school education. Experience as a teacher and administrator preferred.
  • Experience in starting a new school desirable.
  • IB training is a plus but not a requirement.
  • Willingness to receive training and expand educationally for the better interest of the school.
  • Thorough understanding of curriculum design and pedagogy.
  • Fluency in English required, and fluency in Arabic a plus.
  • Knowledge and appreciation of technology’s role in education and as a tool for efficient administration and management of personnel, finances and other resources.
  • Willingness to nurture spiritual growth of children through interactions with nature, environment, peers, etc. (might be better in section above)


Position offers a competitive salary + benefits. Start date TBD.

Interested candidates please apply online or send resume along with a cover letter to info@tarbiyahacademy.org.

For more information about Tarbiyah Academy including online application, please visit www.tarbiyahacademy.org

Application deadline January 15, 2015