1st Grade PYP Teacher

My name is Ayesha Shafeeq and I am honored to be the 1st Grade Homeroom Teacher at Tarbiyah Academy.
I am a mom of two, student and teacher who loves spending time with kids. While studying and volunteering, I developed a passion for education and teaching young kids.
In the past, I have taught elementary students English and other subjects, taught adults spoken English, assisted a Special Educator supporting kids with learning disabilities and done private tutoring for kids.
Teaching, learning, creating, exploring and spending time with little kids has always been my passion. I wish to foster the love of learning in my students.
Tarbiyah Academy, being both Islamic and an IB school, was a dream workplace for me. Alhamdulillaah, I was given the opportunity to work here. Even though I am new here, it doesn’t feel that way, thanks to the support and encouragement I receive from all the wonderful staff who work here.
The IB Learner profile attributes that I most connect with are Open-Minded and Reflective. As we work every month , to study and practice one attribute in ourselves and our students, I would love to try to make them a part of my life.