KG-3rd Grade Art Teacher

Aya is going onto her fourth year now at Tarbiyah Academy. She graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore County, with a degree in psychology and legal policy and is currently working on getting a .master’s degree. She has experience with many different arts; such as visual arts, performing arts, and even literary arts. Driven by her love of art and wanting to see personal growth, she takes pride in providing the best education as possible. Her philosophy for teaching and learning is that each child is unique. She believes the job of a teacher is to help each child grow and discover their individuality and creativity as well as discover their unique learning style. As the KG-3rd grade art teacher, she wants to students to use art as an outlet to express emotions, feelings, and passions. Her goal this year is to help kids find what they are passionate about and provide an outlet for them to express it, as well as to have fun. Aya loves nature, going on walks outside or riding a longboard or bike. Her favorite pastimes are drawing, writing poetry, and watching movies.