Grade 2 – 6 Arabic Teacher 

Ms. Sarah Maher is an Arabic language professional with over four years of experience in Arabic teaching, curriculum development, and cultural advisement. She is a University of Maryland graduate and currently working on her Master’s in Arabic teaching from Middlebury college. Ms. Maher has extensive experience with ILR leveling and curriculum development in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and other dialects. Her personal philosophy for assessment represents a vision of an educator that always seeks to develop the skills required in teaching and to give the students the opportunity to show their achievement in school simultaneously. Ms. Maher believes that the best strategy to work with students is keeping all the learners intrinsically motivated by engaging them in real-world situational relevance, and providing them with opportunities for independent learning.  She also believes it’s important to engage students in authentic, relevant discussions that help them communicate their own opinions using the Arabic language.