Hagar Aboubakr is a lifelong learner and educator of over 20 years. She is passionate about holistic teaching and learning that is accommodating individual needs and learning styles. She has particular interests in concept-based teaching and learning, the inquiry classroom, tactile learning methods, literacy, and fostering learner agency. She considers herself a reflective, lifelong learner and inquirer! 

Ms. Aboubakr first pursued her studies in Education in 1996 in order to work towards the Islamic School cause and support young Muslim learners in their upbringing and development as American Muslims. She first earned her Elementary Teaching Certification from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, where she completed their Undergraduate Teacher Certification Program and earned her B.A. in English literature. She then went on to earn her Masters in Education from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. When she moved to Maryland years later, she pursued and earned her Maryland State Teaching Certification as well. 

Homeroom teacher at Tarbiyah Academy. She has 7 more years of experience working with children in alternative learning settings such as with homeschool co-ops, professional tutoring, and teaching private classes. In addition, she has 3 years of experience as an IB Primary Years Program Coordinator where she conducted professional development for teachers, supported them in their pedagogical practices and teaching craft, and collaborated with other educators in curriculum design.  This will be her 7th year with Tarbiyah Academy, and working within the IB program. 

Ms. Aboubakr is eager and excited to continue on the journey of fostering profound learning experiences in the classroom for all children, and to work with families and parents to create a meaningful partnership that serves the authentic learning experiences of our young learners. Contact her via email at hagaraboubakr@tarbiyahacademy.org.