Tarbiyah Academy, like all independent schools, relies on tuition and the generosity of our donors to finance our programs. Our ability to provide the highest quality of teaching – small class sizes, personal attention, and diverse academic and extracurricular offerings – comes at a cost. An independent school education is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child – one that will last a lifetime.


Annual Tuition 2017-2018

Grade Tuition
Kindergarten $9,690
Grades 1 – 6 $9,500

Admissions & Enrollment Fees


Follow the above link for online application

The following non-refundable fees are to be paid one time a year for each child:

Admissions Fee $100 (non-refundable/non-returnable)
Enrollment/Re-enrollment Fee* $100 (non-refundable/non-returnable)
Consumables Fee* $150 (non-refundable/non-returnable)
Resources Fee* $250 (non-refundable/non-returnable)
Installment Fee* $45 (applicable for tuition paid in 3 installments or more)
Late Payment Fee** $29**

* Applicable only once admitted.

** Payment is incurred by TADS and not by Tarbiyah Academy


Tuition Discounts

Installment Discounts

Families can take advantage of additional discounts if they pay tuition in either one or two installments. Discounts are as follows

% Discount KG Grades 1-6
Single installment Discount

Due: June, 25 2017

7% $9,011.70 $8,835
Two installments Discount

Installments due: 

June 25, 2017      and January 25, 2018

3% $9,399.30 $9,215
Multi-child Discounts
# of Children % Discount
1st Child None
2nd Child 10%
3rd Child 20%
4th Child or more 30%

Financial Aid

Information regarding Tarbiyah Academy’s need-based financial assistance program is available on our Financial Aid Page.