Tarbiyah Academy has developed a specific educational philosophy that differentiates itself from other Islamic schools. Our philosophy is based upon:



  • Geared towards the Primary grades
  • Lessons that develop critical thinking skills through “Inquiry – Action – Reflection”
  • Project-based learning, team-building, creative modes of communication
  • Lessons that build self-awareness while understanding their place in society and the world
  • Second language acquisition


  • Motivation and excellence (ihsan) based on pleasing Allah and attaining Paradise
  • View service, advocacy, and compassion as religious duties
  • Connecting Islamic principles and “secular” knowledge in meaningful and productive ways


  • Lessons developing life and career skills
  • Fostering responsible use of information, media, and technology
  • Skills for lifelong learning, innovation, and time management


  • Hire great faculty/staff and provide them with the training they need
  • Professional development based on international best practices
  • Provide the facilities and resources necessary to fulfill our mission and achieve our goals
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  • Individualized instruction with small class sizes:
  • K – 4th: 16-18 students per class
  • 5th – 6th: 18-20 students per class
  • 7th – 8th: 20 students per class