Grade 1 Teacher

Ms. Hagar Aboubakr is in her second year with Tarbiyah Academy as our First Grade Teacher.  She is a creative, dedicated, and resourceful educator with a passion for creating meaningful learning experiences for her students. After attending the University of Massachusetts, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s in Elementary Education, Ms. Aboubakr accumulated seven years of classroom teaching experience at various grade levels in private schools, public school, and homeschool settings. She is dually certified to teach elementary grades in both the States of Maryland and Massachusetts. Ms. Aboubakr strongly believes in hands-on, interactive learning techniques. In order for her students at Tarbiyah Academy to engage in an authentic learning experience and demonstrate true growth as learners, Ms. Aboubakr believes they must construct and develop their own ideas through personal exploration and inquiry.