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Tarbiyah Academy has three Extra Curricular Activity Terms this academic year:

  • Starts on Monday, October 2nd (No ECAs on Fridays this term)
  • Ends on Thursday, November 30th (or if otherwise mentioned in the ECA Description)


  • Cooking Tigers: K – 2nd Grade 
  • Young Chefs: 3rd – 6th Grade
  • Soccer Shots: K – 2nd Grade
  • Newsies: 3rd – 6th Grade
  • School Play: 3rd – 6th Grade
  • Woodworking: 3rd – 6th Grade
  • Scrapbooking: K – 2nd Grade
  • Art: K – 6th Grade
  • Quran Memorization and Tajweed: 3rd – 6th Al-Qa-idah Nooraniah: K – 2nd Grade
  • Al-Qa-idah Nooraniah: K – 2nd Grade


Please note when registering that there are separate fees for enrolled Tarbiyah students and non-Tarbiyah students.